Satirical monologues

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Examples of Satire

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1 Minute Monologues Comedy

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Synge Playboy monologue

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What is a realllllly funny monologue for a teenage girl?

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Sep 16,  · Neglected, a satirical monologue. I should be asleep. But being so exhausted I could sob distracts me beautifully. Anyway. So I’m told that it’s okay for guys to not give a damn.

To act like you don’t matter, and nothing that’s making you sick and exhausted matters. Not that I’d go to a guy I’m with for help—that’s a. Synge Playboy monologue Christy is the young male lead of J.M. Synge's satirical play, The Playboy of the Western World; his monologue runs minutes.

Download Free Monologue (PDF Format). He has several lengthy monologues filled with satirical commentary on the state of race relations, his hopes and dreams, along with some confabulation about his exploits.

He carries all. He made 18 satirical monologues where he varied biblical tales to make them political satire. le Canard Enchaîné Le Canard enchaîné (English: The Chained Duck or The Chained Paper) is a satirical newspaper published weekly in France.

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Find tons of resources for teaching and learning acting, speech and communication skills. Get an answer for 'How is the monologue below an example of satire?Recently I was looking through my little black book and I realized I didn't have too many friends.

Satirical monologues
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